The all-animal cast of Edo Superstar features some interesting characters… there are ninjas, ronin, professional fighters, thugs, goons, talent agents, and more. Take a look in the gallery below.


Masaru is a small-town monkey with big dreams. He wants nothing more than to become Japan's greatest star. By defeating enemies and impressing the locals, Masaru's fame grows. Fight by fight, stage by stage, Masaru makes his way across medieval Japan to the capital, in hopes of becoming a true Edo Superstar!


Hailing from far away Korea, Tiger has come to Japan to fight in the annual Zodiac Tournament. He is a proud descendant of famous warriors - a privilege that has given him the best martial training in the world. A true gentleman, Tiger is always courteous outside the fighting ring. But don't underestimate his ferocity in combat!


Rooster grew up fighting for his life in the slums of Edo. From a young age, he learned that only the merciless survive. For years Rooster dismissed the Zodiac Tournament as a trifle for the soft elite. But as his enemies fell one by one, Rooster yearned for an equal opponent. He entered the Tournament hoping to feel the exhilaration of his youth, when every fight filled his soul with violent passion.

Rock Flopper

Rock Floppers are the elite shock troops of the Tidal Army. Their orders are to conquer the land creatures of Japan by any means necessary. Literally fish out of water, Rock Floppers require frequent drinking breaks to refresh their gills. They always carry a jar of water in their rations, allowing them to range far inland.


The third member of the Shiga Ninja Clan, Tsubaki has left her mysterious past to gain the camaraderie of her fellow assassins. To her dismay, the other ninjas refuse to fully accept her, and instead treat her as a servant. Tsubaki resents her situation, but hopes that devotion to the Shiga Clan will someday earn the others' respect.


Fox is the highest member of the Shiga Ninja Clan. His word is law, and all who oppose him soon regret it. Although Fox is feared across Japan as a deadly assassin, he still craves more power. It is rumored that he is searching the land for occult sorcery, looking for magic that will make him immune to death.


Chuubei is Masaru's street-smart talent manager. He's been in the business for years, and knows superstar material when he sees it. Chuubei guides Masaru across Japan, helping him schedule fights and impress the locals.


When the great General Kumazo was exiled to become a ronin, he wandered the land gathering thieves and outlaws to his banner. Many wild boar and wolves were happy to join him, having always resented city creatures. Now under the leadership of Kumazo, these forest beasts have grown bold in their plundering.


Goro is the second ranking ninja in the Shiga Clan. He is utterly loyal to Fox, and carries out Fox's orders with sadistic relish.

Tidal Lord

For years undersea clans battled for dominion. The Tidal Lord soon defeated them all, and united his armies in a war against Japan's land creatures. Tormented with rage for eons of subjugation, the Tidal Lord hungers for revenge, and the day when water creatures will dominate the land.


Just like Masaru, Takogawa seeks for fame and fortune on the way to Edo. Although the Zodiac Tournament has always discriminated against water creatures, Takogawa hopes to be the first aquatic fighter to qualify.